Rizzo's Riddance 2021
Watching the live news on tv, I shot this with my Cannon camera and then digitally created it with Photoshop. I changed the size, colors, used masks and filters to give an elusive effect.
I saw the advertised competion, submitted three pictures I had taken during the pandemic and then was so excited to have been selected!
Here is an exert from the show:
Last year will be long remembered as a time of upheaval and uncertainty as the United States grappled with the coronavirus pandemic, racial injustice, political protest, and a divisive presidential election. During these challenging times, the creation and sharing of images have raised awareness, communicated information, spread hope, and strengthened connections.
We asked our local community to share photographs that captured the many meanings of “essential work” in 2020. We received over 200 images that celebrated healthcare workers, depicted the challenges and triumphs of remote learning, and documented the work of citizens protesting racial inequities. A committee of local arts and culture leaders selected 25 finalists who provided creative and thought-provoking responses to the exhibition’s theme and presented a diversity of vision. From this group, photo editors at The Philadelphia Inquirer chose their top three picks. Additional noteworthy submissions are featured in a digital slideshow. Together, these images capture poignant moments of hardship, strength, resilience, human connection, and even joy during an unprecedented year.
Here were my other two submissions.
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