The Atlantic Ocean Meets the Caribbean Sea

Vacationing with my husband in the Dominican Republic, we set up a comfy, shaded chair for him and I moved mine a bit forward to compose a faraway and scenic view of the island for oil pastel painting.
Painting outside is all about natural lighting and at this time of the day there were really no hard shadows – just beautiful blue sky colors reflecting off the Atlantic Ocean to interpret onto paper. The colors were easy to choose from my pastel set. Using browns and greens for the hilly mountain, it actually stretched far into the ocean, and I never noticed a small red building with triangle huts until I was drawing the multi-green palm trees. Plus, the soft water’s edge reminded me of a peaceful lagoon as it was very tranquil greeting the shoreline.
(Fun Fact! We actually walked down to the tip of the island where you see the start of the lined palm trees. And right before we ventured out bare foot along the shoreline, a daily uniformed beach patrol employee stopped us. He asked us to write our names down on his official clip board as he explained we were leaving the hotel's restricted area.)
(That was interesting and a little unnerving!) Needless to say, we made it back!
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