Waiting for Sailboat Customers

On location and vacation, I picked a prime hot spot to sit seaside and paint with my oil pastels which I had safely carried across the world - my waterproof tool box – my yellow, simple, Terry Ludwig back pack! (Thanks hubby!) 
In the middle of a cold Pennsylvania February, we experienced overhead fluffy Caribbean clouds while submerging ourselves into warm enough turquoise water and then drying off on light powdery sands which was all too foreign and spectacular to me - AND it needed to be painted!
Halfway through the painting though, I felt this Punta Cana drawing might be short-lived. I was sensing a slew of excited tourists at any moment deciding to go sailing and corrupt my composition, so I drew and painted all my shapes in first (just in case) and finished the painting with touch ups at home
(wishing I was still there!).
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